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I really appreciate seeing a female chiropractor, one that is a mom. Dr. Lisa Walsh at the Vitality Chiropractic Center in San Mateo has three kids
and gives physical adjustments in addition to muscle testing. The muscle testing/applied kinesiology is what really sets her a part. I'm pregnant with my second and I feel so much better with this pregnancy because my back and hips are not killing me. 

She even improved the drainage in my sinuses! I've got my
whole family going to Dr. Lisa Wash because they really notice a
difference between her and other chiropractors. 

I also bring my 3 year old daughter with me in the exam room and they are always very accommodating, even providing toys for her. My daughter loves watching me get adjusted, probably because I feel so good afterwards! I finally started getting my daughter adjusted too and it has really helped her stay well and avoid common childhood infections. Not one cold or infection in 6 months, since I started getting her adjusted. My insurance didn’t initially cover Dr. Lisa Walsh, but I got so much relief every time I went that I ended up switching insurance.   
- Holli Rafferty 

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